CSR Works at Jhampir

Community Uplift and Support Program at Jhampir (District Thatta)

» FFC CSR along with Nordex CSR launched the program at Jhampir on 1st August 2012 for villages surrounding FFCEL Wind Farm.
» Program worth is US $100,000 (~PKR 9.4 million).
» Program is focused on following areas:
  • up gradation and rehabilitation of health facilities at Jhampir Town Basic Health Unit (BHU)
    • construction of 3 – room Gyne and Dental ward
    • up gradation of water supply and storage facility
    • installation of electric water cooler for patients
    • construction of wash rooms
  • educational infrastructure
  • provision of clean and safe drinking water
  • uplift program for native farming community
  • improvement in road tracks in the surrounding villages
  • installation of 4 water filtration plants in nearby villages (Village Khameeso Shoro, Village Umer Chang and Village Suleman Palari)
    • Each filtration plant is equipped with 4000 gallon water storage capacity and has a backup generator
    • Clean drinking water in Jhampir is scarcely available resulting in various diseases and epidemics among the native population
  • Rehabilitation of Girls and Boys Primary School at Village Suleman Palari and Village Khameeso Shoro respectively, including
    • civil works infrastructure improvement
    • installation of water supply (hand pumps)
    • construction of children’s playing area
    • provision of furniture for teachers and students
    • renovation of washrooms
  • up gradation will be carried out in Community Mosque at Village Suleman Palari with necessary civil works and electrical amenities.
  • rehabilitation of existing 2km road track at Village Umer Chang.
  • distribution of 400 Sona Urea Bags in collaboration with district government Thatta among 60 farmers, held at BHU Jhampir on 6th September 2012.