Technical Consultant

Lahmeyer International - LI, Germany

Lahmeyer International (LI)is internationally recognition and reputed technical consultants with vast experience in the wind energy sector. LI has provided consultancy to highest number of wind power projects around the world their studies include:
Inputs from Project Development Activities

  • Wind Analysis
  • Energy Production Estimates
  • Wind farm losses
  • Environment Impact Assessment
  • Transportation Study
  • The project is considered as technically feasible

Grid Consultant

Power Planners International - PPI, Pakistan

Top grid consultant in Pakistan and internationally proclaimed around the globe for its grid consultancy services. Almost all grid studies done for WAPDA were performed by PPI.

They have performed grid interconnection studies for FFCEL Wind Power Project in following areas:

  • Load Flow
  • Short Circuit
  • Stability Study
  • Power Quality
  • Impact of grid on wind farm and vice versa

Financial Consultant

Bridge Factor - BF, Pakistan

Bridge Factor has got experience and depth of knowledge and understanding across various industrial sectors and the relevant accounting, tax, regulatory and commercial considerations.

Bridge Factor is known for providing financial consultancy to highest number of Power Projects in Pakistan. Bridge Factor was engaged by FFCEL as financial consultant to provide;

  • Review & Updating of Financial Model
  • Review of Energy Purchase Agreement (EPA) & Draft Contracts
  • Meetings with Bidders & Potential Lenders

Legal Consultant

Haidermota& Co–HMCO, Pakistan

HMCO is acknowledged as best legal consultancy firm for providinglegal services to maximum power projects in Pakistan. HMCO has an extraordinarily competent pack of professional that holds exceptionalset of legal skills. They have guided FFCEL throughout the project phases in all legal matters. BF is undoubtedly the best legal in the wind energy business in Pakistan.

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